Legal Steroids Vs Prohormomes

Legal steroids vs pro hormones are portrayed very poorly in media. And due to this many people are not aware of what prohormones are and what is the difference between prohormones and legal steroids.


So in this article I am portraying some common difference between legal steroids and prohormones.


What are steroids ?

First we discuss, what steroids are?


Steroids are mainly developed to treat different medical conditions like AIDs, cancer, late puberty in men and other autoimmune diseases. There are two types of steroids, Anabolic and Corticosteroid. The functions of both these steroids are different but they usually prescribed by doctors to treat several medical conditions.


Benefits of Steroids :


Steroids used to treat many inflammatory conditions such as inflammation in blood, inflammation in muscles, etc.


  • Corticosteroid help in the treatment of asthma and other allergic reactions.


  • Steroids also helps in many skin conditions such as dermatitis, rashes and eczema.


  • Many autoimmune diseases such as systemic lupus erythematous and sclerosis are treated by steroids.


  • Used in the treatment of breast cancer in women.


  • Treat late puberty in adolescent individuals.


  • Treat hypogonadism and impotence in men by alterations of hormones in the body.


Drawbacks Of Steroids :


Steroids are very helpful for treating many conditions, but they can have some serious side effects as well. Some common side effects steroids produces may include.


  • Many liver diseases and kidney problems are caused by taking steroids.


  • Heart related problems such as arrhythmias and stroke are also caused by steroids.


  • Severe head ache and hair loss.


  • Infertility, immature puberty and shrinking of testicles are also die to steroids.


What are Prohormones?


Prohormones are totally different from steroids. Many of us are already aware of steroids, but prohormones is a new word for us. So now we discuss what prohormones are?


A normal human body produces steroids naturally. Prohormones helps in increasing the production of those hormones in the body. 1-AD is the first prohormone invented by Patrick Arnold.


Benefits Of Pro hormones :


Prohormones have several different benefits. Here are some of them.


  • Prohormones improved sex drive of any individual.


  • People can gain lean muscle mass by taking prohormones.


  • Prohormones improved physical appearance of any individual.


  • Prohormones are usually taken by athletes to improve their performance in the playing field.


  • Improved physical strength and superior endurance.


Drawbacks Of Prohormones :


Below are some drawbacks related to prohormones.


  • The main and long term effect of prohormone is that, it damages the liver.


  • Mild Side Effects like hair loss, headaches and nausea are associated with pro hormones.


  • Swollen prostate, breast enlargement and hypertension are also caused by prohormones.


So Which One Is Better?


Both steroids and prohormones have unique functions. Steroids used in many medical conditions and also used to increase lean muscle mass by enhancing protein production. Prohormones are little weaker than steroids as they only boost the level of hormones that are already present in the body.


Some steroids especially anabolic steroids are illegal in many countries, but prohormones are not illegal. Many people use prohormones like progesterone booster and estrogen boosters instead of anabolic steroids.

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